Frequently Asked Questions – Carpets, Mattresses & Spots/Stains


Q. How often should I have my carpets steam cleaned?

It is recommended at least once every 12 months depending on the amount of traffic and how dirty they are. It should be noted though that the longer you leave it between cleans, the more likely it is that your carpet will suffer from premature wear and tear.

Q. Why is steam cleaning better than dry cleaning?

Hot water extraction (steam cleaning) is a deep clean process suitable for all types of carpet including woven, tufted and flatweave. It is the most efficient way of removing embedded dirt and contaminants from your carpet. Cleaning processes include these common steps:

  1. Pre-Vacuum

  2. Pre-Treatment of sports, stains and heavily soiled areas

  3. Hot water extraction

  4. Thorough rise

  5. Complete drying within 24 hours

Q. What is the usual drying time and how soon can I walk on the carpet after it is cleaned?

Our equipment extracts the majority of water from the carpet fibres immediately. Drying time therefore depends on the water, humidity and ventilation. Usually withing 2-6 hours the carpet should be completely dry. You are able to walk on the carpet immediately providing your shoes are clean, however care must be taken when stepping off carpets onto hard flooring such as tiles or timber as it may be slippery.

Q. Do I need to prepare for carpet cleaning?

We ask that you vacuum carpets and move smaller items such as pot plats, toys and any breakables prior to our arrival. We will clean around and under large items. We are happy to provide assistance with lighter easily moved items. We are not responsible for any damages which may occur to your furniture or other items while moving them.

Q. What happens if I am not satisfied with the result?

We guarantee our work and will address your concerns immediately, providing you contact us withing 24 hours of completion of the job.


Q. How often should I have my mattress cleaned?

It’s a good idea to clean your mattress every 6-12 months.

Q. Does cleaning remove dust mites, dirt, bacteria and odours?

Yes. We pre-spray with an anti-microbial treatment and use our hot water extraction (steam cleaning) method. This method cleans the mattress and extracts any dead skin cells and dust mites.


Q. Can you remove all stains?

We use a range of cleaning solutions for different types of stains, however some stains may have already set depending on the substance and type of carpet and length of time they have been left untreated, which means they could be permanent. We cannot guarantee to remove every stain, but we will do our utmost to achieve the best possible result.

Q. Should I try and remove the stain myself?

Stains need to be treated the correct way the first time. Unfortunately not all over-the-counter stain removers actually remove stains, some can make the stain worse. Always read the directions on the bottle and test in a small area before attempting to remove stains.


Pets are a part of our life but accidents happen. Cat urine, dog urine, faeces and vomit are all to be expected on the carpet when you have pets. Pet stains and odours can usually be professionally removed using a specialised surface treatment, steam clean and deodoriser.

What can you do in the meantime?

Urine – Blot the area with paper towels as soon as possible to absorb the urine. Then gently blot the area with a damp cloth, followed by a clean dry cloth.

Vomit/Faecal Matter – Remove as much solid matter as soon as possible and then gently blot with a damp cloth. Pour a thin coating of baking soda over the area to absorb the liquid. Allow this is sit for 10-15 mins and vacuum.

A professional cleaner will extract the remaining urine/liquid and deodorise the carpets but the above should help prevent stains.

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